DIGGSTOWN is a legal drama about a small rag-tag collection of crusaders, legal aid lawyers; who, armed with a hunger to keep the scales of justice balanced, wage war on behalf of our society’s most vulnerable. It’s a war not without toll – physically, spiritually, psychologically. And, at the front of the battle lines is MARCIE DIGGS, a lawyer who steps away from her corporate law practice to join Halifax Legal Aid, the resistance, against a legal system that operates without mercy.

    Key to every episode of DIGGSTOWN is the carefully selected soundtrack of her characters’ lives – their MUSIC. The Diggstown Sessions are our way of recognizing some of the music and artists who help drive story, action and emotion. This is a space of appreciation and celebration.

    We hope you enjoy the music of these SUPREMELY TALENTED ARTISTS as much as we do!


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    March 4th at 8pm EST (8:30 NT) on CBC and CBC Gem

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